Brooklyn’s Habana Outpost


We found this place just a few blocks down from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I’ve got to say, this place has got some great character. The bright and bold colors really brings out the appeal of a “backyard party.” They’ve got a nice interior, with some bar style tables and booths in the front and back of the ordering station. Outside, there is a decent sized seating area with table benches around. The only possible downfall I can think of is that it can get quite packed fast, and the seating area is limited. I would definitely suggest a buddy system of having someone saving a table while ordering, otherwise you’ll find yourself looking awhile for a seat. Otherwise, the menu was fairly cheap and easy to read. Do a little digging online and you’ll see this place has consistent good reviews.

Note: After reading reviews to order the grilled corn, I’d like to add myself to the list of foodie endorsers. For only $3 as a “side,” it can almost serve as a main dish. A must-try for vegetarians and a favorite for Ingluttonous.


Back from Hiatus!

I’m back! And I’m sorry for the big gap. On a personal note, I spent the rest of summer trying to enjoy it! Lots of great updates to come – so stay tuned!

What To Order at Summerstage 2013


The weather’s beautiful and the show’s are free. There’s no reason you should be missing out on Central Park’s Summerstage Events! Here are three food vendors that are a must-try!

  • Asia Dog, Asiadogs are hot dogs with Asian-inspired toppings. Born from a love of NYC, we wanted to push the limits of one of its most popular street foods by adding our own personal touch with super-fresh ingredients.
  • PizzaMoto, soon to be a Brooklyn resident, Pizzamoto serves up some of the best neopolitan-style pizzas in New York using a custom crafted oven.
  • Blue Marble Ice Cream, Organic ice-cream with dairy that’s certified organic andsourced from pasture-raised cows.


Summer’s out, enjoy it y’all!

Today’s meal: Sushi at Masago

If you read one of my earlier posts, you’d know I’m a sushi lover and Masago in Ridgewood, NJ is where I like to satisfy my cravings! If you pay cash, you can order rolls for half off! Pictured below, the total came our to less than $50 which is a great deal considering most were specialty rolls.

Celebration at Cuban Pete’s!

Note: a personal post. I’m not sure if my readers know, but I created this blog for a senior-level course. I’m currently studying Public Relations and decided to create a blog about the one thing I love most: food. Well, today, I finished my last class of my undergraduate career with some of the greatest people I know. So what did we decide to do after? Celebrate, duh!

Madeline, Jana & I

Madeline, Jana & I

Click the photo to get directed to Head Over Beers, a good friend of mine and a true beer enthusiast. She did not come empty handed, of course – since Cuban Pete’s is BYOBJana brought White Wine and we then enjoyed some sweet sangria 🙂


Mariscada: Naked Paella

The paella was saucy with chunks of snapper filet, clams, mussels, shrimps, scallops and calimari mixed in. They give you a bowl of rice to eat your paella with so of course I had to dump it in. I originally couldn’t choose between Churrasco and Naked Paella, but was finally convinced to order something different. No worries, Head Over Beers ordered the Churrasco & I got a good flick of it!


Ropa Vieja

A friend ordered Ropa Vieja, which you can see was shredded beef. All rice dishes came with black beans and plaintains. No complaints here!


Churrasco with Plantanos & Rice

Excuse the “half-eaten” look, we decided it would be good to post about it after we started eating. Alas, HeadOverBeers’ Jana got Churrasco (a skir steak with plaintains and rice.) My usual order, this is the perfect go-to selection if you’re not sure what to order (hence why I’ve ordered this for how long.)

Me, Madeline & Jana

Me, Madeline & Jana

I will miss these ladies dearly! But we’ve had a great time together with our studies. Keep a look out for us!


Future PR girls 🙂

Ingluttonous BSTRD

Meet White Castle’s New Food Truck, Crave Mobile


It seems White Castle has jumped on the food truck trend with its new on-the-go Crave Mobile. Launching in two cities – Louisville, Kentucky, and Columbus, Ohio, conveniently where the company is located. Though the exact locations have not been determined, White Castle expects to find permanent homes after a test-run.

To read more on White Castle’s Crave Mobile, click here.